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Using Customer Data To Improve Your Marketing

Data Fintech Workshop on How to Use Data to Improve Customer Experience

What is customer data? For most businesses, customer data is merely the email and phone number that a customer may leave behind after a transaction. However, it is important to realise that businesses collect more data beyond phone numbers and emails as I learned in a recent workshop organized by Data Fintech. “There are three types of data you can use to improve your customer experience. These are; customer profile data which includes the contact information as well as age;

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If You Plant Enough Seeds You Don’t Have to Worry About Scarcity

If you plan enough you never have to worry about scarcity

When there is scarcity, we worry a lot about getting our fair share—what goes to him doesn’t go to me. The harvest becomes fraught with danger and competition. When we worry more about planting, though, sharing the harvest gets a lot less complex. Plant enough seeds and the scarcity eases. In fact, if you plant enough, you’ll never have to think twice about the harvesting. Seth Godin. I see this a lot in my industry, where a fellow marketer will

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Mobile Money Interoperability; Moving from Competition to Coopetition

coopetition and digital marketing

The plan for Safaricom, Airtel and Telkom coming together to launch mobile money interoperability in Kenya has been on the headlines for a while. If anything this goes to show a trend where companies are moving from competition to coopetition. What is Coopetition? Google defines coopetition as the collaboration between business competitors, in the hope of mutually beneficial results. After all, why not leverage your industries’ strong points to create delightful customer experiences? Allow me to drag this back to

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How I Use Data in Content Development

using data in content development
The new battlefield in marketing is engagement. The content that empowers, educates or entertains your target audience wins the day. But how do search engines like Google expect you to know the content that will engage an audience? Learn how I use data in content development.
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