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Creating Effective Digital Marketing Reports

Before I joined Legibra as a digital marketer, I used to freelance at iWriter. The requirements were simple, and all you had to do was follow your client’s instructions.

Today, however, as a digital strategist, I am the one giving these instructions. So this means that I have to be most keen about the plan I roll out and the effects it will have on the company’s bottom line. More importantly, it means that I have to pay close attention to our activities and the results that they bear. After all, insanity is repeating the same thing and expecting different results.

Felix Ochieng, Nelly and Mercy Rop at Social Media Week Nairobi
Felix Ochieng, Nelly and Mercy Rop at Social Media Week Nairobi

Additionally, working with a team of developers, salespeople and project managers, it becomes even more critical for your team to understand why you’ve come up with a particular strategy and not the other. Also, it is essential for my supervisors, managers and directors to know that each activity I carry out every day is aligned with the organisation’s goal and goes towards improving the bottom-line.

Therefore, I have adopted a culture of reporting. The benefits have been tremendous. Here are a few;

  • I have more buy-in with my clients since they understand what I do and why I do it
  • I have an easier time requesting for an additional budget as long as my report can project ROI.’
  • My income has increased steadily in the last two years because my clients can see the value I’m adding to the organisation
  • I have been able to cut costs based on my reports
  • I am in an ‘acting’ leadership role because of my discipline in reporting

It get’s better. 

In the spirit of sharing knowledge and improving industry standards, I invited Sam Kung’u, C.O.O at SocialMeds to train our clients’ marketers as well as other digital media enthusiasts on effective digital marketing reporting.


Sam Kung'u C.O.O at Socialmeds Digital Trains on Digital Marketing Reporting
Sam Kung’u C.O.O at Socialmeds Digital Trains on Digital Marketing Reporting

And train he did.

After taking us through the #wildlifestrategy report, a trending campaign they recently carried out on behalf of Kenya Wildlife, he shared the following lessons on creating a useful report;

4 Areas to Focus on When Creating an Effective Digital Marketing Report

  1. Digital marketing reporting is like a good speech, there’s no one way of doing it, but there’s a skeleton you should follow.” For example, your report should focus on three main sectors;
  • Generic Marketing Metrics- This is where you report on the number of followers on Facebook, Traffic to a website, Retweets on Twitter, Impression and Reach
  • Specific Marketing Objectives- This is where you report on metrics that have a direct impact on your revenue, e.g. Phone calls, leads, emails, downloads and footfall.
  • Media Spend – How much did the Facebook ads cost? How many leads did it generate? What is the cost of acquisition?
  • Sentiment Analysis- How does your audience feel about your brand? What are they saying on social media? Is it positive or negative?
  • Recommendations- Based on the information in your report, what should be the next step?

2. Always consider your client’s concerns. What are their goals? Is it awareness or conversions? Or do they want engagement? Ensure your report addresses these.

3. To avoid having a 30-page report, consider focusing on 3-5 goals.

4. Ensure your report is actionable, remember, your report is not just for information but for action.

Training on  how to create a digital marketing report your manager will love
Training on how to create a digital marketing report your manager will love

In his usual fashion, Sam left us high and begging for more but unfortunately, he had an engagement elsewhere. He directed us to their blog, where we could learn more about effective digital marketing, to be more specific, why Kenyan brands have a hard time buying digital.

As I write this, I am reflecting on my journey so far, and I think incorporating daily learning into my lifestyle is the best decision I have ever made. More on this in the next post đŸ™‚

But enough about us, what about you?

Do you report weekly, monthly or quarterly? What is your biggest challenge in digital marketing reporting?

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