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And it just happens…

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You wake up one morning and nothing seems quite as interesting as yesterday. Your plans of world domination empowerment, to create a better world for the future, now taste like dirt. You wonder how you used to do it…what changed? Nothing, it‘s still the same old you, but there‘s something missing. As someone who prefers others to do the thinking for me, I have already googled this issue. Unfortunately, no one can experience the world they way I do. So

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Forget About Hiding Your Data, Here’s How To Use It.

The more I learned the more I earned

The year was 2016, and I had just finished my last semester on Campus. Like most fourth years, I dreamed of graduating with a first-class degree, getting a job with a fat paycheck and travelling all over the world as soon as I stepped out of campus. I wanted to be RICH! However, if you had asked me whether I was actively working towards reaching this ‘desired state’, I would have given you a blank stare. I was more focused

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May I have Your Attention?

May have I your attention?

If you have read the book ‘Tipping Point,’ by Malcolm Gladwell, you are familiar with a chapter titled, ‘The Stickiness Factor’. In this chapter, Malcolm tells of an interesting experiment carried out by social psychologist Howard Leventhal at Yale University in the 90s. In the experiment, Mr Leventhal wanted to find out how to convince a group of students to get a tetanus shot. His strategy was to inform the students on the importance of vaccination, so he printed out a

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If You Plant Enough Seeds You Don’t Have to Worry About Scarcity

If you plan enough you never have to worry about scarcity

When there is scarcity, we worry a lot about getting our fair share—what goes to him doesn’t go to me. The harvest becomes fraught with danger and competition. When we worry more about planting, though, sharing the harvest gets a lot less complex. Plant enough seeds and the scarcity eases. In fact, if you plant enough, you’ll never have to think twice about the harvesting. Seth Godin. I see this a lot in my industry, where a fellow marketer will

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