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Dear Sales Rep, It’s Not Business as Usual. Adapt or Be Replaced.

Cold Calling vs. Social Selling

Is it just me, or do you also think sales reps need to take digital more seriously? I have had a number of experiences where the sales team I worked with was convinced that social media and the gamut is only for marketing. When I tried convincing the sales rep that posting a short article on Linkedin would work great to position them as thought leaders and build trust with their prospects, they told me they’ll try to create time….

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Using Customer Data To Improve Your Marketing

Data Fintech Workshop on How to Use Data to Improve Customer Experience

What is customer data? For most businesses, customer data is merely the email and phone number that a customer may leave behind after a transaction. However, it is important to realise that businesses collect more data beyond phone numbers and emails as I learned in a recent workshop organized by Data Fintech. “There are three types of data you can use to improve your customer experience. These are; customer profile data which includes the contact information as well as age;

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Creating Effective Digital Marketing Reports

Training on effective digital marketing reporting by Sam Kung'u C.O.O at SocialMeds Digital

Before I joined Legibra as a digital marketer, I used to freelance at iWriter. The requirements were simple, and all you had to do was follow your client’s instructions. Today, however, as a digital strategist, I am the one giving these instructions. So this means that I have to be most keen about the plan I roll out and the effects it will have on the company’s bottom line. More importantly, it means that I have to pay close attention

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Mobile Money Interoperability; Moving from Competition to Coopetition

coopetition and digital marketing

The plan for Safaricom, Airtel and Telkom coming together to launch mobile money interoperability in Kenya has been on the headlines for a while. If anything this goes to show a trend where companies are moving from competition to coopetition. What is Coopetition? Google defines coopetition as the collaboration between business competitors, in the hope of mutually beneficial results. After all, why not leverage your industries’ strong points to create delightful customer experiences? Allow me to drag this back to

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A Discussion on Ecommerce in Kenya with 24Bit

ecommerce in Kenya

Video by elabz Content Marketing   Once in every two weeks, I get to spend time with some of the funniest and experienced guys in Kenya’s tech space. On this particular visit, I got the opportunity to discuss e-commerce in Kenya with Nick Kanali and Emmanuel Chenze.  From zip codes on Kenyan eCommerce web-forms to online shops that don’t have basic security like SSL certificates, this is the state of eCommerce in Kenya. Of particular interest to me is how

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The Facebook and Cambridge Analytica Scandal; My 2cents

Facebook and cambridge analytica scandal

As a marketer who uses social advertising tools I’m horrified and offended at what was done with the last Kenyan election and what is no doubt continuing to whatever extent. Still I’d like to separate out a few things that seem to be packed together in the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal. 1. Big data that helps, e.g. MRI data and cancer training labels. 2. Big data that hurts, e.g. personal data that is used to target an individual and

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Mobile Application Marketing; Leveraging Kenya’s Love for Smartphones

jumia mobile week Kenyan data

At 83% Kenya is officially the leading consumer of internet in the world. According to Jumia’s Kenya Mobile White Paper 2018, this high internet penetration can be attributed to the fact that over 4.3 million Kenyans own a smartphone and the number is growing by 200,000 smartphones monthly. But this does not come as a surprise to most of us. In fact I know a running joke that more Kenyans have access to mobile phones and the internet than clean

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What Kenyan Digital Marketers Wish You Understood

kenyan digital marketers

How does one become a digital marketer in the first place? My career in digital marketing started quite haphazardly. Back in 2014, I used to create SEO-optimized content for clients at iWriter.com. The rates were great, and I could always work in my pajamas but, there comes a time for change and growth. Two years later, after taking an online course on Inbound Marketing and Sales, courtesy of Hubspot, I landed my first full-time digital marketing job at Legibra. Admittedly, I still miss

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