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And it just happens…

mercy rop unispired

You wake up one morning and nothing seems quite as interesting as yesterday.

Your plans of world domination empowerment, to create a better world for the future, now taste like dirt.

You wonder how you used to do it…what changed?

Nothing, it‘s still the same old you, but there‘s something missing.

As someone who prefers others to do the thinking for me, I have already googled this issue.

Unfortunately, no one can experience the world they way I do.

So I‘m stuck with the uninspired me…for now.

But my mother didn‘t raise a quitter.

So I am going to create a framework to deal with this, just in case it happens again down the road.

Do some thinking for myself…




I found it!

Just the same way you would revisit the last place you were if you lost a key, you have to go to the last place you remember being motivated and full of purpose. Then, you have to take a different direction from there.




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