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3 Lessons from Britania Foods LTD; Fusing Online and Offline Marketing Successfully

The last time we had a discussion with Moringa School ambassadors on fusing online and offline marketing strategies, we noted that the main importance of an integrated marketing campaign is that you get to leverage the best of both worlds.

The reputable Britania Food LTD is demonstrating the value of fusing online and offline marketing channels by using billboards & posters to drive consumers to their online platforms (Facebook) where they stand a chance to win a birthday party for their kids! Since Britania launched this integrated marketing campaign, they have attracted over 125 participants.

Check out the landing page here; http://britania.co.ke/bbb.html

By creating a consistent brand experience for consumers between offline and online campaigns, Robert Kagundah and the team are capitalizing on that feeling of a seamless brand presence to drive a stronger interaction between online and offline channels.

But how can marketers create a strategy which integrates offline promotions (Billboards) with digital marketing such as PPC, SEO and social media posts?

1. Leverage PET (Persuasion Emotion Trust) Design

As Brian Wamiori taught us in a #CRO class last week, just because people CAN do something doesn’t guarantee they WILL, you have to persuade them. In this case study BRITANIA FOODS LTD uses the power of words like ‘easy’ to persuade offline consumers to follow them on their social media pages.

2. User-Generated Content

Fusing offline and online marketing
Fusing offline and online marketing

According to Business Insider, shoppers who interact with user-generated content are 97% more likely to convert with a retailer than customers who do not. Instead of relying on ads and influencers to push their products, Britannia is leveraging on user-generated content from consumers to create authentic content that builds trust, earns credibility and pushes sales.

3. #Hashtag It

Fusing online and offline marketing
Fusing online and offline marketing

Another way to merge your offline and online marketing is by directing your audience online through the use of hashtags. New research claims that the 20 most effective campaigns produce a 38% increase in smartphone brand actions.

What does this mean?

Your offline campaign can have an impact on the people viewing your ad, but the first contact with the brand will most likely be online. If you search for the brand’s Instagram profile you can only see what they post about, if you search for a hashtag, you can easily see everyone’s opinion and interaction with the brand. I think Britania should have created a hashtag that relates specifically to their offline campaign, and told the audience to include the hashtag in their stories so Elijah Maina and the team can effectively track how many people interacted with the campaign and how many converted.

What do you think about fusing offline and online marketing? What other strategies are best for fusing online and offline campaigns? Please share your thoughts in the comment section, I love hearing from you 🙂

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