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Dear Sales Rep, It’s Not Business as Usual. Adapt or Be Replaced.

Cold Calling vs. Social Selling

Is it just me, or do you also think sales reps need to take digital more seriously? I have had a number of experiences where the sales team I worked with was convinced that social media and the gamut is only for marketing. When I tried convincing the sales rep that posting a short article on Linkedin would work great to position them as thought leaders and build trust with their prospects, they told me they’ll try to create time….

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Forget About Hiding Your Data, Here’s How To Use It.

The more I learned the more I earned

The year was 2016, and I had just finished my last semester on Campus. Like most fourth years, I dreamed of graduating with a first-class degree, getting a job with a fat paycheck and travelling all over the world as soon as I stepped out of campus. I wanted to be RICH! However, if you had asked me whether I was actively working towards reaching this ‘desired state’, I would have given you a blank stare. I was more focused

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