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How To Report on Social Media Marketing Campaigns; A Case Study of the APA Awards 2018

How are you? It’s been a while… My bad. But I’m back now, and I’m still crazy about data and social media. Last time we connected, I was probably raving about the importance of sharing data within the marketing community. However, after interacting and working with more digital marketers, I realized we can’t share data if we don’t know how to collect, process and report in the first place. So I calmed my t*ts down and went back to the

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The 9 Dont‘s Of A website

  Dead Links  Missing logos on the portfolio or misaligned logos…blegh Testimonials that move too fast Different fonts Low res pics A dead blog Links that lead you back to the same page (worse than number 1) Links that lead me out of your website….hitting the back button can be such a chore sometimes…or is it just me? Why on earth would you put all your trophies, awards, and accolades at the footer of your website as bullets points…!!?? We

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And it just happens…

mercy rop unispired

You wake up one morning and nothing seems quite as interesting as yesterday. Your plans of world domination empowerment, to create a better world for the future, now taste like dirt. You wonder how you used to do it…what changed? Nothing, it‘s still the same old you, but there‘s something missing. As someone who prefers others to do the thinking for me, I have already googled this issue. Unfortunately, no one can experience the world they way I do. So

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Dear Sales Rep, It’s Not Business as Usual. Adapt or Be Replaced.

Cold Calling vs. Social Selling

Is it just me, or do you also think sales reps need to take digital more seriously? I have had a number of experiences where the sales team I worked with was convinced that social media and the gamut is only for marketing. When I tried convincing the sales rep that posting a short article on Linkedin would work great to position them as thought leaders and build trust with their prospects, they told me they’ll try to create time….

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Forget About Hiding Your Data, Here’s How To Use It.

The more I learned the more I earned

The year was 2016, and I had just finished my last semester on Campus. Like most fourth years, I dreamed of graduating with a first-class degree, getting a job with a fat paycheck and travelling all over the world as soon as I stepped out of campus. I wanted to be RICH! However, if you had asked me whether I was actively working towards reaching this ‘desired state’, I would have given you a blank stare. I was more focused

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Using Customer Data To Improve Your Marketing

Data Fintech Workshop on How to Use Data to Improve Customer Experience

What is customer data? For most businesses, customer data is merely the email and phone number that a customer may leave behind after a transaction. However, it is important to realise that businesses collect more data beyond phone numbers and emails as I learned in a recent workshop organized by Data Fintech. “There are three types of data you can use to improve your customer experience. These are; customer profile data which includes the contact information as well as age;

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Creating Effective Digital Marketing Reports

Training on effective digital marketing reporting by Sam Kung'u C.O.O at SocialMeds Digital

Before I joined Legibra as a digital marketer, I used to freelance at iWriter. The requirements were simple, and all you had to do was follow your client’s instructions. Today, however, as a digital strategist, I am the one giving these instructions. So this means that I have to be most keen about the plan I roll out and the effects it will have on the company’s bottom line. More importantly, it means that I have to pay close attention

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Time Vs. Money; Starting on Facebook Advertising

victor mutua president at Top Marketers Club

I remember the first time I set up an ad on Facebook. It wasn’t as hard as I imagined, but I wish I had friends like Victor Mutua, president at Top Marketer Club,  to advise me on how best to spend my time and money to get the best return on the Facebook ads. Fortunately, the more you do Facebook advertising, the more you learn. If you are new to Facebook ads and are wondering how to go about it,

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May I have Your Attention?

May have I your attention?

If you have read the book ‘Tipping Point,’ by Malcolm Gladwell, you are familiar with a chapter titled, ‘The Stickiness Factor’. In this chapter, Malcolm tells of an interesting experiment carried out by social psychologist Howard Leventhal at Yale University in the 90s. In the experiment, Mr Leventhal wanted to find out how to convince a group of students to get a tetanus shot. His strategy was to inform the students on the importance of vaccination, so he printed out a

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